Pentaho book

Bueno aunque no me fió mucho de la gente de pentaho en cuanto a docuemntación hace poco han sacado un libro de pentaho con ejemplo y tal lo dejo colgado por si lo que reis ver.


The book covers all components and related products that make up the Pentaho BI Suite. For each component (and where applicable), installation, usage and maintenance are discussed and illustrated. Background theory is given as needed to provide context for those readers with no prior BI knowledge or experience. When people have read this book they will have learned the following things: The components and products that form the Pentaho Business intelligence suite (and hows these products and components fulfill particular BI needs) How to install and configure Pentaho, and how to connect it to a database/datawarehouse How to design a datawarehouse using Pentaho and related open source tools How to build and load a datawarehouse with pentaho data integration/Kettle How to manually create JFree (pentaho reporting services) reports using direct SQL queries How to set up a metadata layer to allow ad-hoc and selfservice reporting (not involving direct SQL queries) How to create Mondrian (pentaho analysis services) cubes, and attach them to a JPivot cube browser How to deploy reports, cubes and metadata to the pentaho platform in order to distribute BI solutions to end-users How to set up scheduling, subscription and automatic distribution


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