Mondrian y Olap4j cambian de licencia

Bueno el creador de Mondrian y Olap4j ha decidido  cambiar las licencias de estos productos de CPL ( Common Public License ) a EPL a la licecnia de Eclipse.

Como lo anuncio en

In the next few days, I am going to change olap4j’s license from CPL to EPL. This is a move that is good for everyone.

Olap4j is distributed under the Common Public License (CPL). It’s fairly good license, but there is a clause regarding what happens in the event of patent litigation, and this this flaw made some organizations nervous about adopting CPL code.

The Eclipse Public License (EPL) is based on CPL, and in fact differs only in the name of the sponsoring organization (Eclipse versus IBM) and the removal of that clause. Everyone agrees that EPL is a better license, but we were too lazy to go through the license change process. A few weeks ago, was officially made the successor to CPL, and that makes it trivial to upgrade.

This blog post by Mike Milinkovich (who heads Eclipse) describes the situation.

By the way, Mondrian is also currently under CPL, and we plan to make the same change there.

Since olap4j is a client library that needs to be distributed with client applications, some people have raised legitimate concerns about olap4j’s compatibility with other licenses. This move does not solve all of those concerns, but is a step in the right direction. If you have thoughts on this, let’s discuss them here.

I will update the subversion repository in the next few days, and the next olap4j release will be under EPL.


Mucha gente ve en estos movimientos , el paso a un blindaje del producto. Yo creo mas bien , que como Pentaho , cambian de licencias cada mes , pues no es mas que otro cambio de juego.

El problema es que no hay otro motor OLAP Open Sorce mejor que mondrian quiza el de Palo pero mondrian es el mas completo.


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